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University of Missouri

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This is the official University of Missouri emergency alert website.

If you have received a text and/or email alert message recently and are seeking additional information, we are currently obtaining and confirming information from first responders. Every alert tool used by the university includes a recommended action for you to take. Please, follow the recomendation you have received and only call  the University of Missouri Police Department to report injuries or an additional emergency. 

You will receive updates via MU Alert as new information becomes available.

Students, please call your parents and let them know you are safe once you reach a secure location.

This website and the MU News Bureau are the only official sources of information or verification for the public and the news media. Please, do not use information from other websites or social media accounts because it cannot be verified.

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Mizzou now offers Rave Guardian, a free mobile app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device.